CNC TurnKey Solutions

About Us

About Us

Thank you for expressing your interest in CNC TurnKey Solutions. Here you can find out a little about what we do and how we can optimize the performance and productivity of your CNC Machines.

As an Applications Engineer exclusively dedicated to Tsugami and Haas since 2012, I bring a decade of expertise in programming and servicing CNC machines. My proficiency extends to a STRONG background in Swiss Machining and TurnMill Lathes. As an accomplished Manufacturing Engineer, I consistently demonstrate a high level of competence in producing precision parts that meet rigorous specifications.

Here at CNC TurnKey Solutions, we embody a passion for quality and maintain a steadfast commitment to getting it “right the first time.” Our Engineering Services are strategically designed to enhance your machining applications by minimizing cycle times and eliminating waste. We believe in delivering solutions that optimize efficiency and elevate the overall quality of your manufacturing processes.

Utilizing industry-standard modeling and programming software from Autodesk, we excel at creating precise 3D models for various applications. Our services cater to a range of industry sectors, including Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, and Firearms. Whether it’s precision engineering or specialized applications, our proficiency in Autodesk software ensures tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each sector.

Having over a decade of production Engineering knowledge makes us the most obvious solution and ideal partner to your businesses success.

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